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China presents a notoriously complex and a fiercely competitive market which can be a bottomless pit of both time and money for brands if approached incorrectly. 

Along with our offline entry solution into China we have joined forces with Alibaba's cross border platform Tmall Global to give a relatively low-barrier solution to test the market and prove market fit before expanding into general trade channels.

Our China Cross Border Solution helps companies set up and sell their products direct to Chinese consumers and covers And 

•Market Analysis & SKU Identification

•Product Description Page

•Logistic Support & Fulfilment & Fulfilment

•Marketing Planning and Execution

•Reports and Forecasting

•Customer service

We also support with integrating to Alibaba's vast ecosystem of e-commerce services, such as Alipay, China's leading payment platform, and Cainiao, a logistics network that helps companies with shipping and delivery.

This makes our solution a one-stop shop for businesses looking to sell their products in the rapidly growing Chinese e-commerce market, which is by far the largest in the world.


With the right approach and in-market support to stand out and engage consumers, we are able to maximise the brand's chances of a successful e-commerce campaign in China.

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Market analysis & SKU Identification

Product Description Page

Logistic Support & Fulfilment

Marketing, Reporting & Forecasting

Customer Service & Returns

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